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'Fly Better' is a series of  books about how aeroplanes fly and how best to fly them. They are the teachings of Noel Kruse, the creator and Chief Flying Instructor of the 'Sydney Aerobatic School', a unique and widely known advanced flying school, which for 22 years was based in Sydney Australia. The books are available from this website as a free download. They are intended for people who are planning to learn to fly, for Student and Private Pilots who feel they have not been taught about the subject in a way that enables them to really understand it, and for Flight Instructors to better equip them to teach others how to fly properly.

The books are not just a collection of theory lessons or flying technique lectures, each chapter contains Noel's philosophy of flying, which is based upon his personal experiences and adventures over 57 years and 18,000+ hours in the air, 12,000 of which were engaged in teaching others how to 'fly better'.

The books in this series are:
Book One (4) "Aerodynamics and other Stuff"      Available NOW
Book Two (3) "Aeroplane Handling Techniques"  Available NOW
Book Three (2) "The Art of Aerial Navigation"       Available NOW
Book Four (1) "Flight Instructional Technique"       Available NOW
Book Five    "Aerobatic Techniques"                     Available Soon
Book Six      "Formation Flying"                              Available Soon
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The advertising of these books relies, primarily, upon references from satisfied readers, by word of mouth via email, forums and chat rooms etc. The average statistics for these references are: Email - 75%. Other web pages (including facebook) - 18%. Search engines - 7%.

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"Reading this material takes me back to my eye-opening experiences flying with you over the years - This is great stuff to have!! I Will definitely spread the word".  Laurent Lamy (Aust).

"Thank you so much for your fantastic free contribution to the learning of flying aircraft".  Yoland Grosjean (Switzerland).
  "I've been through the aviation industry from flying a Cessna 152 to heavy jets and now I'm renewing my instructor qualifications so I can teach student pilots the way I wish I was taught. I only wish that I had Noel's books when I was learning to fly and I have every intention of teaching the theory concepts and many of the techniques from the Fly Better series. I recommend these books to pilots of any experience and qualification level".  Anthony Crichton-Browne(Aust).

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Nigel Hobler 05.03.2019 Looking forward to reading this
Phil Unicomb 18.06.2018 philunicomb@hotmail.com Your books are mandatory reading material in the Flight Instructor Rating course which I run at the Royal Newcastle Aero Club. Thanks my old friend!
Jake 12.06.2018 Great books, well written content and pretty much spells it out for you.
Francisco Avila 25.05.2018 Great content, and very insightful books. Thanks!
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​​Below are links to a video interview with the author, Noel Kruse. It is in three parts of about 10 minutes each. 

Part One. Origins.
Part Two. Flight Training
Part Three. The Fundamantals
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